Wombatt55 - Real Emcee
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Get the crowd Rocking with Wombatt55!
One of the hottest Emcees in the Baltimore area, Wombatt55
generates energy
and excitement everywhere he performs. 

Wombatt55 understands
that Hip Hop Music is a 
musical genre that
developed as part of
HIP HOP culture,
and is defined by
four key stylistic
elements: Rapping, DJing/Scratching,
(Or Synthesis),
and Beat Boxing. 
This dynamic lyricist is also
a very talented drummer. His influences include Jazz, Rock, R&B, Funk, Reggae,
Top 40, Swing,
Soul, Gospel
and Pop -- Wombatt55
loves it all!
Please email Wombatt55@yahoo.com for shows, availability and more information.
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